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Beadslide Bead Clasps for Bead Woven Beaded Jewelry: Which size BeadSlide Clasp do I need for my beaded bracelet?

Which size BeadSlide clasp do I need for my beaded bracelet? The following chart is a general guide to selecting which size BeadSlide clasp to use for your beaded bracelet designs.  
The BeadSlide clasp was designed to accommodate various seed beads and seed bead sizes; however, this guide is to be used as just that, a guide.
Lets take the first row:  It's advising that for size 15/0 seed beads (Japanese Miyuki or Toho) should be no more than 18 beads per row if using the 18mm BeadSlide; no more than 23 beads per row if using the 24mm Beadslide and no more than 29 beads per row when using the 29mm BeadSlide.
Approximate Beads Per Row with BeadSlides Length of Tube (that beads slide into) 18mm 24mm 29mm 15/0 Round Japanese 17 - 18 22 - 23 29 11/0 Round Japanese 12 16 21

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