Monday, August 6, 2012

Pure Silk Bead Stringing Knotting Cord by theBeadSmith

silk bead stringing knotting cord
100% Pure Silk Thread Colors
The popularity of this 100% Silk bead stringing cord from theBeadSmith has really taken me by surprise!  

I started out selling in my beadartjewelrysupply Etsy shop to test response before adding to my main website and again I was pleasantly surprised by the sales.  As in the typical sampling fashion of bead art jewelry designer's they purchase one item to check quality - especially beads, and stringing material; in my experience anyway - then come back; and based on the repeat sales I must say that the customers that purchased are satisfied!  

I would love to see what people are creating from this lovely silk cord.  I wonder if it's knotting pearls (especially Swarovski pearls), macrame - the thinnest size OO could probably be used in micro-macrame, bead embroidery or bead stringing.

I do know one customer has replaced her nylon thread being used to make tassles with the silk and she just loves it, no comparison she says.

So far the most popular silk cord sizes are Fff and E, with D making traction; but I must say that based on the inventory levels at my supplier there are already several colors on backorder in size Fff.
NOTE: as of 8/6/2012 I've left all colors as available on my website as my supplier indicates that they are expecting a shipment in September. From past experience I know it's best to have an order in place than to wait until the shipment arrives and then hope, after pre-orders have been filled, to get the colors you need for your bead art jewelry design projects - anyway, September is only a few weeks away so don't be left out.
Here are some facts to know especially because colors are not available in all sizes:
  • This is a 3-ply twisted 100% pure silk cord.
  • Durable and stretch resistant.
  • Ideal for knotting pearls, gemstones and crystal beads - but of course not limited to these bead types.
  • Available in 18 colors on 1/2 oz. spools - only black and white are available carded and not in all sizes.
  • Black and white are available in 10 sizes: O, OO, A, B, C, D, E, F, Ff, Fff.
  • All other colors come in 4 sizes: E, F, Ff, Fff.

Colors: Plum, Gray, Ecru, Bright Green, Green, Red, Raspberry Cream, White, Chestnut, Brown, Black, Maroon, Gold, Turquoise, Pale Green, Royal Blue, Navy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Bead Stylist: Pinterest Who Isn't Addicted?

Sure I've been neglecting my blogs to indulge in an addiction; Pinterest - who isn't addicted.

Now that I have a better understanding of the benefits of Pinterest I believe it to be a good thing to be able to actually incoporate my Pinterest boards and others' boards into my blog posts.

Yes, I looked into others, but Pinterest is by far, for me anyway, the most engaging and effective for not just promoting the items I sell across various websites, but engaging with people of like interests too.

Interesting that some of the boards / pins that trigger the most engagements of my selling venues are ones that have nothing to do with beads, bead art, or jewelry making.

This is the board that got me started The Owl: Critter of The Year 2012 - I started it as a fluke, but must admit I am amazed at not only the different variety and types of Owls, but how people incorporate them into their handcrafted items - and I couldn't believe it when I found a beaded Owl!

Please feel free to share links to your favorite Pinterest boards...!

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