Monday, March 18, 2013

National Craft Month: Bead Craft Storage

Flip Top Tube Bead Craft Storage System
Flip Top Tubes
Crafts are my business and yet somehow National Craft Month completely escaped my attention this year! True I'm very busy with a huge website overhaul and relaunch - if I'd made of note of National Craft Month I would have been able relaunch in March; anyway, there's still time to make my contribution to this event.

Beads, beading supplies and tools are clearly a no brainer to promote during National Craft Month, but there some very specific supplies that just make crafting easier yet most people probably don't think of as part of their crafting arsenal; so the focus of this post is on bead craft Flip Top Tube Bead Storage System.

Nothing adds to or enhances creativity like being organized.

I know, I know - especially with beader's - you say it's just impossible to stay organized! Once those creative juices start flowing nothing else matters; and I couldn't agree more, after all I too have a creative side so I can totally relate.

But one thing I do know for sure from years of experience and more recently reorganizing my bead space accommodate the relaunch of my website which will increase business considerably - and there is no way that I would be able to handle an increase in business if I didn't get myself organized first. Although it's bead storage on a much larger scale the same principles apply - get and stay organized and you will be more efficient and creative!

What works for me may not work for you, but organizing by bead type first and then color makes the most sense for me and gives me a better idea of my inventory; and if organized this way in clear plastic flip top tubes or hanging round friction tubes the bead color palette is oh so pretty to look at and may ultimately add to your creativity!

I honestly don't know which is the most affordable popular type of bead craft storage systems out there, but I do know that I sell an awful lot of the flip top bead storage tubes.  These are a rectangular shaped plastic tube and available in sizes ranging from from 1" inch - 3-3/4" inches (which is the most popular size).  I've had them on my website forever, but the past six months are so the sales have increased tremendously; true I do offer free shipping but even with the minimum order requirement orders still pile in for just the tubes and organizer boxes so I'm thinking that either people are really starting to get more organized or there are just fewer and fewer online retailers willing to absorb the cost of selling these tubes.

Round bead storage organizer tubes both friction cap and flat top are also available in a variety of sizes too.  The friction cap is a secure hold hanging cap which offers the ultimate in bead organization - basically, at a glance while hanging from your wall. Based on customer requests and comments that really like the rectangular flip top tubes, the round tubes offer the best organization for keeping larger beads like 6mm - 12mm even 14mm beads organized.

And of course the rectangular flip top tube and round tube bead and craft storage are not limited to storing beads; they are also terrific for bead stringing supplies, needles, sequins, just about anything you want to see at a glance so the possibilities are unlimited.

So as you support National Craft Month don't forget to think about putting effort into staying organized which will save you time and increase your creativity!

There are some accessories that work well with the flip top tubes and people tend to purchase these together often.  The 6x4 organizer box.  Depending on the size of the flip top tubes determines how many tubes will fit in each box.
Flip Top Tube Bead Craft Storage Box
6x4 Flip Top Tube Storage Box

And the Bead Tube Tower II:

Bead Tube Tower for Flip Top Tube Bead Craft Storage
Bead Tower II Flip Top Tubes

Bead Tube Tower II Portable storage system for rectangular flip-top boxes:

• Measures 8" x 16" when closed
• Stands upright or lays flat
• Folds easily for storage
• Holds 144 small (1" to 1-1/2"H) boxes, 72 larger
(1-7/8" to 3-3/4"H) boxes, or an assortment of sizes*
• Includes clear zippered travel pouch with handles
* Designed for boxes measuring approximately 1" wide by 1/2" deep

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