Thursday, February 2, 2017

Beading Basics: What I Learned From This 12 Year Old Peyote Stitch Test Strip

Why am I showing a picture of a 12 year old Peyote stitch test strip, which looks like it serves little or no purpose? 

Because there's actually quite a bit of education in this little project; especially since at the time I knew a little less that nothing about working with beads, I just sold them.

First, I wish I could remember where I saw the pattern because as basic as this looks it actually teaches quite few tips and techniques:

Peyote stitch, obviously, but also for the beginning beader, especially in bead weaving, tension is extremely important to learn which this Peyote test strip helps you get the hang of; also following a bead pattern and understanding different thread sizes and their uses ( Nymo B, D, F)

Too, it helped me understand, rather quickly, what I was doing wrong and that if you don't correct a mistake early on it will follow throughout the pattern - as you can see.

Second, there's still a learning in it for me today, especially about the importance of quality beading tools and supplies.

As mentioned, this test strip is about 12 years old, still flexible with no indication of thread rot - when you spend all that time and effort on a bead art jewelry design project that you love you want it to last forever. I used Nymo beading thread, which I also coated with beeswax per the instruction, clearly lives up to it's reputation for a quality beading supply and Nymo is still a strong seller for me today.

Miyuki 11/0 Delica seed beads were used - although I didn't sell them at the time I was receiving so many request for Miyuki seed beads and delica's, that I just picked some up to see if it was a bead brand that I should carry - again, the finish on this basic black delica bead hasn't faded one bit and still has that patent-leather shine; despite being handled after all these years.

However, please note that although the quality bead is a quality bead, finishes can vary as some are applied to the beads after-market which may not adhere to the bead the same way as being part of the production process.

Finally, it helped me understand why people loved creating with these beads as they create a smooth tile like finish and to this day I just love the feel of this little Peyote test strip; it's really kind of soothing.

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