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Griffin Carded Bead Stringing Silk Cord for Making Tassels, Pearl Knotting and Beaded Jewelry: Which size silk cord thread do I need?

Griffin Silk Cord Thread for bead stringing, knotting, tassels, mala supplies
Griffin Silk Bead Stringing Tassel Making Cord
Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Griffin silk cord for bead stringing, making tassels and knotting beads and pearls.

Refer to size chart pictured (below) to see the size (diameter aka thickness) of the silk cord you need.

Approx. 79" (2 meters) of thread per card.

This link Griffin Silk Cord will take you to all sizes and colors available.

100% Pure Silk Bead Cord with attached Needle by Griffin There is no simpler, quicker, or better way to thread beads.

Excellent for creating quality tassels, knotting between beads, mala necklaces, macrame knots and beaded tassels.

The twisted stainless steel needle at the end of the cord which allows you can knot the cord easily because the thread has the correct twist.

QUESTIONS: What size / thickness / diameter silk cord do I use to make / string my necklace using this size bead? Best size for making tassels?

Broad questions answered with a pretty simple observation on your part, and knowledge of what type of bead art jewelry design necklace & tassels you're looking to make.

For necklaces, whatever you want to call them mala, or whatever, the decision starts with the /size / type of beads you are using to create your necklace.

The thinnest in diameter, or mm in Griffin 100% silk is size 0 (zero - all of their cords are numbered 0 - 16 thickest at 1.05mm) which is basically a thread and can be used for stringing, but even on the smallest beads, due to the light-weight nature of the silk cord would probably be a bit flimsy and your necklace won't hang nicely.

For tassels, the thinnest could make a lovely tassel with a beautiful flow, and although ideal for smaller tassels on earrings and bracelets, you may have use an awful lot to get the look and feel you're going for with much larger bead art jewelry designs.

#1  (Remember this information is for stringing, not bead or loom weaving).  Select the silk cord size which will fit your bead hole size.

Example: 4mm size beads or gemstones would typically have a .9 -1mm hole size, so you'll want to use a bit smaller diameter silk cord (Griffin #5,6)  to get a nice fluid feel and look, also you don't want - or perhaps you do - the knots in between the beads to be visible.   Larger bead sizes 8mm - 12mm have larger holes and, especially size 12mm, could use size #14-16, but sizes 10 & 12 Griffin silk cords would work nicely too.

#2  Needles are already attached to Griffin silk cord so no need to worry about which needle size you need to get the silk cord through the beads.

#3  If knotting between beads, recommended, especially for heavier gemstones and larger pearls, be sure to create consistent knot sizes before proceeding to complete your necklace: otherwise, the finished look will be a bit uneven, but hey, that could be the organic look you're going for. Practice, practice practice.

#4  Use a beadboard, they really to help with the visualizing the end result when creating your bead art jewelry designs.

#5  Tassels, typically the same size cord used to string your necklace will create a tassel size that will compliment the overall bead size. But of course going up or down a few sizes could also give you the look you want in your beaded tasseled necklace.  Just remember the thinner the cord, the more you'll have to use and it might not flow the way you would like.

Please comment if you have any other terrific tips and tricks for using silk cord. Thank you...!

Griffin Silk Cord Thread Size Chart
Silk Cord size Chart

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