Friday, March 9, 2018

How To Help International Customers Get The Best Shipping Rates

How to Save on International Shipping Costs

International shipping charges are crazy compared to when I first started selling online and I use to ship Internationally on a regular basis, but now I may get one International order every few months and it’s only for one item weighing less than an ounce and paying almost $13 to ship!

I recently received a question about a cheaper shipping rate to another country. I mentioned, reluctantly - as even though what I was telling the customer was accurate I just didn't want them to think I just wanted them to order more items - , that ordering additional items up to 8 oz., (8 ounces shipment cost the same as 1-ounce shipment) was the only way that I knew to save on International shipping.

And although this step I'm mentioning does'nt save on shipping necessarily it helps with overcharging for International shipments.

On my website, International orders are typically much larger so I don’t charge shipping at time of order, but bill separately once I know the exact weight so I don’t overcharge / undercharge.

NOTE: This website is a terrific resource and saved me tons of time searching for all the necessary postage informational regarding weight and cost by country so I wasn’t overcharging my customers.

The bottom line for international customers find a seller that you want several items from that weight less than 8 ounces because the rate is the same to ship 1 ounce or 8 ounces.

I hope you find this information useful; and please add your comments, and suggestions which are much appreciated.

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