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Hi, my name is Karen and I am KD_Bead The Bead Stylist, but not when I initially started out in the bead business, which was totally by accident over 13 years ago; and it has been one of most valued and happiest accidents of my life to date!

In The Beginning
I knew I wanted to start an online business but had no idea what it would be.  I started researching and interestingly enough came across the idea of selling beads very early on.  I did a quick search on eBay and came to the conclusion that the category was way to crowded for entry.  I tried several other 'things' to sell on eBay and although they did ok; for some reason I kept coming across the mention of either selling beads online or reading articles about how well people were doing in the category - I still dismissed based on my first research results.

I then started purchasing from a liquidator and one of the first wholesale lots I purchased were for Darice plastic letter / alphabet beads from a one time supplier to the craft market named Giraffe Crafts (maybe you remember them).  To my surprise those plastic beads sold on eBay so fast with crazy bids I started thinking that maybe there was something to these beads that keep popping up in my research.

That same liquidator of the plastic Darice beads told me about a now defunk - wow, I can't believe the changes in this industry since I started 13 years ago - York Beads. He said he knew he would lose me as a customer but if I really was serious about the bead business I wanted to meet the guys at York; and the rest is history-my love affair with beads was heading in an oh, so lovely direction.

And he was right, I never went back to purchase from him again.

Who Knew Beads Were All That!
Selling beads, beading tools, books, bead stringing, and bead supplies is really the perfect fit for me from a business standpoint as one of my main criteria was that I needed to be in a business which would continually challenge me; and since entering the world of beads being bored with what I do has never been and issue; as there are constant changes in the industry - just when you think you have a certain bead category figured out it either changes, or another category is introduced.

Speaking of which and as I mentioned earlier about York Beads of NYC, a major importer and supplier of Czech Glass beads, is no longer in business (I never thought I'd see the day) - and other significant changes, like non-traditional bead makers entering the space in recent years in this industry.  Admittedly, York was one of the main players in the bead world, but there are still several superior quality wholesale suppliers in the New York area and elsewhere.

About here is where it comes to mind the comments made from people not in the 'bead know' who often ask how is it possible to make a business of selling beads with the likes of Walmart, Michaels and Hobby Lobby selling so many beads!  I just laugh and tell them if they only knew and try to educate them in not that what they sell are inferior beads, but that with all that's available there's no way they could possibly sell the amazing variety of beads that are truly available in the bead world.

And although it doesn't diminish the desire for new beader's entering the bead world, it does take a knowledgeable person with some years of experience in the industry to help navigate not only the older more traditional bead types and uses, but the plethora of amazing new Czech Glass beads entering the market.

Helping New Bead Love Affairs Grow, Flourish & Mature
Although my love affair with beads started with Czech Glass, I eventually started courting other bead types manufactured in Japan (Miyuki in particular) and learning their varying characteristics; and of course Swarovski Crystal beads, flat backs and pendants.

KD_Bead The Bead Stylist came to me after recognized the changes happening in the bead world and these changes brought to mind not only what I encountered starting out in the bead business - and if I weren't a researcher I never would have figured out as much as I know - and I see some of those same challenges and concerns being expressed by new beader's trying to understand this Wonderful World of Beads.

There are so many amazing bead artists, and beaded jewelry designers, bead embroiderer's and many who embellish with beads and I will of course share what I know about them, but also assist in locating the best quality beads, tools and beading supplies which will make all the difference for beginner and advanced alike in their bead art jewelry designs!

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