Yes, It's All About The Beads, but...

Yes, I do want to promote my own beads and bead art jewelry supplies, but one thing I learned in my many years of selling beads is that it's not possible to sell EVERYTHING and I have no problem with listing other online - eventually offline local, starting in the Atlanta, GA area - bead stores offering some amazing beads and bead art jewelry supplies, but mine first:
Before reading the following story - I just can't help myself - please note:

I will add many bead and beading resources of supplier's that will not sell directly to you unless you are a business and or have pretty large minimum orders; in that case you can send an email to The Bead Stylist    (click on link or go to so you can either be directed to a supplier or find out if the bead related item(s) can be ordered for you.

Also be sure to check bead manufacturer websites like Miyuki, Toho and Preciosa they will sell directly to you they have fabulous resources like sizing information, product updates, color trend forecasts' and free patterns.

You may come across in beading magazines like Bead & Button, BeadWork and other bead art jewelry publications advertisements for wholesalers that have the newest and latest bead tools and supplies but will not sell directly to you like theBead Smith; just so you know if you contact them they will let you know which bead store in your area sells the item you're looking for. They don't have a listing for online stores; but if you send an email to you will receive assistance.

Now I get to tell my story.

When I started selling beads I never thought I would be making anything bead related never mind figuring out bead weaving techniques.  Over time however, I got curious and started dabbling and realized that most of the bead art jewelry designs I admired so were based on some very basic - I can say that now with a smile - bead weaving techniques.  

Then I started realizing what I'm sure other seasoned bead art jewelry designers already knew, that when you incorporate both bead stringing (one of the all time best selling books The Basics of Bead Stringing) and bead weaving techniques the end results are amazing.   Beads East Website is one of my favorites as based on their tutorials I was able to develop my bead weaving - although still basic - techniques such as:

I do hope you find this information useful; experiment, experiment, experiment based on the instructions your are following by using different seed beads or other bead sizes, colors and finishes; and remember some brands may seem similar - and really they are - but there are unique differences:

Seed Bead Types

Miyuki brand Japanese seed and Delica beads along with TOHO seed beads are used to get the most uniform look; whereas Czech Glass seed beads have their own unique characteristics and  although not as uniform create beautiful bead art jewelry designs.

Instructions & Tutorials

Search YouTube for some amazing instructions and tutorials for tried and true beading methods as well as the latest beading trends.

Ann Benson of BeadsEast is one of my favorites with animated tutorials and videos:

Ann Benson on YouTube

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